January 2, 2010

My Dear Followers

I just opened a new blog.

So, if you’d like.. you may follow me on that one.


December 31, 2009
If I never hear from you again, stay beautiful

2009 Summary.

Lets see what each month had for me.

January 2009: Second Semester as a Senior. Newport Beach, California.

February 2009: Chase&Gloria open up about attraction.

March 2009: GCU Acceptance. Met Jessie babe. Tenth Avenue North Concert with Dana. End of the month got sick.

April 2009: Stuck in bed. In pain. Lots of crying. Hillsong United Concert.

May 2009: Graduation, Prom Queen, Grad Parties.

June 2009: Was open about my love for Timothy Sipe. First went to (my now) home church.

July 2009: July 5th heartache. Copeland Concert. Saddleback church. Santa Cruz Camping trip. Jumped out of a tree. The most I’ve laughed maybe in my whole life (we’ll see). Flying to Aunts for a getaway.

August 2009: Evaluation month. New people.

September 2009: Christmas In A Box. OneThing Conference. Bon Iver Concert. Chase. Angie time!!

October 2009: Heartache. Heartache. Angie. 3hr talk in a car. Baby shower. Tucson Roadtrip.

November 2009: Sand Diego. 19. Dancing. Mending from broken heart. Tattoo.

December 2009: Mended heart. New job. Matt&Gloria dates. Jumpstart. Christmas in California. Flying. New Years Eve Party.

This was it. All of it. Quick summary. But basically it.
I am done with you.

This is my last post on this blog. And I’m starting a new one.


In retrospect

And I lost alot of things, but up here? Up here I found so much more. These people love me, and they take care of me…and they find me amusing. LOL Gloria and I got crazy close. =] And her family treats me so so well (hey, they leave chalkboard messages. LOL) And Josh is just crazy and accepts me for who I am. And Peter? Peter is still my amazing friend who understands me in every way. He’s still up for those 1 am calls where I’m just losing it and I need someone to set my head on straight.

" :) Super super super close… hahahaha. Ha. I think you know what I’m laughing about, I dont even need to say anything. This made me teary. I love you best friend.